UN Studio Brightens up Amsterdam Light Festival with Eye Beacon Pavilion LED Installations

UN Studio

From Arkilumi. Designed by Un Studio in partnership with MDT-tex, the Amsterdam Light Festival Info Booth Pavilion serves as both an attraction point and a ticketing/information booth for people visiting the festival. In this context, the structure that constituted the symbol of the festival was magnificently enlightened with the help of stretchable textile materials and LED lighting fixtures.

Biomimicry was the theme of this year for the Amsterdam Light Festival, which is held every year in Amsterdam by participation of the professionals from all over the world, such as light artists, designers and architects. The design is specifically inspired by the deep sea world, where living organisms counteract the darkness of their environment by employing bioluminescence. The building was not only served as a center for the guests to inform both the festival and the tickets, but also acted as a symbol of the festival.

Amsterdam Işık Festivali'nin Festivalin Danışma Standı

For the structure, two cube forms are connected to one another by twisting surfaces. The double curved surface joining the two cube sections is created between two rotated lines of different lengths. This results in panels with uneven dimensions and therefore requires the parametric optimization of these surfaces to ensure efficient design, fabrication and installation.

Amsterdam Işık Festivali'nin Festivalin Danışma Standı

Un Studio received support from ‘MDT-tex’ company for successfully completion of the production. Stretchable textile material designed by MDT-tex, which can reveal all the inner surfaces of the pavilion at first glance. With the help of textile, the desired twisted lines in the design were smootly provided. In addition to this, all possible manufacturing and assembly mistakes that may arise during the passing of the desired work in the concept design have been completely removed by textile. With the help of RGB color-changing LEDs, placed on steel constructions carrying textiles, light were directed to textile. The lighting fittings, with a special automation system and scenarios, gave a magnificent visual show to the building visitors.

Project Details:

End Users: Amsterdam Light Festival
City: Blauwbrug, Amsterdam, NL
Height of structure: 7.2 m
Length of structure: 12.6 m
Total Fitting Size: 230m²
Module Quantity: 250 Axial symmetry
Photograpy: © Janus van den Eijnden
UNStudio: Ben van Berkel with William de Boer, Rob Henderson and Piotr Kluszczynski
MDT-tex : Markus Müller with R&D-Team led by Dr. Shankar Jha
Lighting Supply and Installation: Zumtobel
Lighting Content Consultant: Florian Licht, Licht & Soehne

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Amsterdam Işık Festivali'nin Festivalin Danışma StandıAmsterdam Işık Festivali'nin Festivalin Danışma Standı

Amsterdam Işık Festivali'nin Festivalin Danışma Standı

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