Uljanik Cranes, Croatia


Uljanik Cranes, Croatia

Built in 1856, Pula’s Uljanik shipyard is one of the oldest still in operation today.

The City of Pula was undergoing a tourist-attracting transformation. As part of the efforts to revitalize the seafront area, local officials decided to put the 158-year old Uljanik Shipyard to use. In 2000, the city began considering relocating the shipyard to free up the area for tourism. With the right lighting it could be turned from an industrial eyesore, shrouded in darkness at night, to an attraction that would excite and inspire visitors.

 Croatian architectural lighting designer Dean Skira has turned an industrial landscape of looming cranes at Uljanik Shipyard in the city of Pula, Croatia, into a striking installation he’s calling Lighting Giants.

Uljanik Cranes

In a press release, Skira writes that it took 14 years to develop the project, which received funding from the Tourist Board of Pula and private sponsorship.

 Uljanik Shipyard


The designer said that as a boy he used the rowing club opposite the shipyard. “Every day I looked at the cranes that dominate the skyline of Pula bay,” he writes. “When the town authorities started considering relocating the shipyard, I came up with the idea of highlighting them instead.”

Lighting Giants is an ongoing sculpture that lights up for 15 minutes of every hour from 9 p.m. until midnight.


 Uljanik Shipyard

Illuminated by 76 fixtures of Philips Color Kinetics ColorReach Powercore LED floodlights, the eight cranes at Uljanik were transformed from mechanical eyesores to a troupe of radiant dancers. The four large cranes are illuminated by 48 ColorReach Powercore fixtures and the four small cranes are illuminated by 28 fixtures which can be programmed into 16,000 variations of color and intensity.
A DMX lighting controller manages the lighting effects that gleam across the exteriors of the enormous cranes. The project was completed in May 2014, in time for the summer tourist season.
– See more at: http://www.colorkinetics.com/showcase/installs/Uljanik-Cranes/#sthash.e5YBC8pT.dpuf





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