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Today, our topic is about one of the important project which is Tunca Bridge (Ottoman Bridge in Edirne). There is a special reason of writing about Tunca Bridge which is owner of this post who lead this project a few months ago. On the other hand, another reason is – it is a project that the heritage didn’t get any damage. Even once! This is the first LED used project in Heritage Bridges in Turkey where LED fixtures designed on the structure not the out of it.

Lighting in Monuments or Heritages are complex than other modern type buildings. Many of problems are faced not in designing of lighting but in installation. Installation in monuments is a big problem. Controllers of the projects never let companies to damage the structure because responsibilities of all of these guys are preserving you to damaging ūüôā Due this reason, lighting in heritages was and will be a problem all the time. Designers usually choose floodlighting for lit up these structures. Many of lighting designers hate flood lighting method at their works. Second lighting technique or a method will aways needed to give a sense to structure.

monument lighting tunca bridge

Old School architecture techniques will always be impressive. They didn’t focus on creating a structure on the surface of Earth, they focus on many thing like – sense,wealthy, periodical architectural items, culture…etc. This is the reason of how we can assume the age or period of the structure even if we do not have any idea about it. Borders of Turkey host to many society. Edirne City is one of the important city of ancient ottoman. The smell of history stays in Edirne City. You can see it in every side¬†of the city. June 2015 welcome of a lighting event in Edirne which is “Lighting of Tunca Bridge”. ¬†Before starting to express the detail let me brief you tha architectural structure of Tunca Bridge. The bridge structure includes 11 piers¬†and 12 vault-shaped arches or spans that¬†allow water to pass.¬†Spandrel walls abut the¬†spans. The architectural lighting is intended¬†to provide low levels of light on the spandrel¬†walls with the majority of the lighting on¬†the lower structure meant to fill the space¬†in the architectural spans. Moreover, the¬†design also includes inner and outer lighting¬†of the dome of the Kitabe Pavilion in the¬†center of the bridge. Color or shades of white¬†can be applied to both the arches and the¬†central tower.¬†PHILIPS luminaires are used for lighting of the structure. Colorkinetics-Ilti Luce-PHILIPS fixtures are combined¬†to deliver both¬†functional and fa√ßade lighting that reveals¬†the historic and subtle architectural features¬†of the iconic structure and at times¬†can deliver dynamic color presentations The Tunca Bridge.¬†Solid-state lighting (LED) products,¬†combine with a network¬†control system to present a dynamic¬†nighttime experience that also matches the¬†ambience of the local area. ColorKinetics C-Splash luminaires (RGB) are used under archs, Philips Proflood (GOBO) products are used for flood lighting and ilti luce IP68 minispot luminaires are planed as included providing¬†functional illumination of the bridge for¬†pedestrians and vehicles and also a pleasing¬†nighttime visual experience for observers. The luminaires are installed to building without any usage of drilling or using any screws. All luminaires are hang up on Tunca Bridge walls. Stainless steel mounting equipmants are used in installation. Fixtures mounted on¬†the parapet walls of the bridge, and hidden¬†from view, provide pools of light rather than¬†a uniform, homogenous pattern. The design¬†was accomplished in a manner that will not¬†cause glare to drivers or pedestrians or to¬†anyone in the surrounding area.The project also had to take into account¬†that sporadic flooding would significantly¬†raise the water level in the spans and in cases¬†even rise to the parapet walls. So the lighting¬†on the lower portions of the bridge had to¬†be rated for operation in a wet environment.

Heritage BridgesThe finished project has fulfilled the goals of an installation that reveals the historical structure while adding a modern touch. The color lighting can be matched to the natural colors of the stone, thus making the effect

subtle. But the project was intended to allow visitors to experience the dynamic capabilities at other times and even hint at the transportation function that the bridge enables. Moreover, the span lighting and that on the central kiosk are harmonized, providing a sense of the visual elements being unified. Philips worked directly with the Governor’s
Office of Edirne on the project.

Previously, simple projectors only lit the¬†silhouette of the bridge. The new system¬†fully reveals the arches and fa√ßades of the¬†structure. In addition to the far superior¬†lighting experience afforded by the new SSL¬†installation, the project will deliver significant¬†energy savings of 53% relative to the¬†simpler projector-only systems used reviously.¬†Moreover, a combined wired and¬†wireless control system allows for both the¬†dynamic presentation and dimming of the¬†lighting for additional savings. Governor of Edirne and PHILIPS have succesfully celebrated the lighting of¬†the second bridge in Edirne which is “Meri√ß Bridge”. The system is similar but the floodlighting not. Due the length of bridge the flood lighting didn’t applied in lighting.


Ledsmagazine October Edition


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