As you know, stage lighting requires more technique and background than conventional lighting techniques. When we talked about stage lighting basics which means we need to talk about basics working principles and types of lighting fixtures, dmx, IPs, balancing, color controlling, emotion of light…etc.  As you see, there are tens of things should be clairified.

After reading stage lighting fundamentals post, I know that things will get more complicated in mind. You asked to yourself ‘where should I find more informations about stage lighting basics. Due, I started to work on searching for stage lighting basics and here are a few of well briefed videos in Chauvet‘s website about the topic. Hope you to enjoy well.


Moving Heads

Lens Choices

Cycs pars and strips

Fresnel vs Ellipsoidal

Opto Splitters

DMX Cables


IP Ratings

Dimming with LED fixtures

Making Useful Color Palettes

Focus Positions – Part 1

Focus Palettes – Part 2

A typical Fixture Parameters

Playing with focus – gobo morphing

ArtNet Broadcast vs Unicast

Programming Tips and Tricks

Making Effects Beam Palettes


Sub Hung Truss Structures


Mastering Color, Part 1


Mastering Color, Part 2


LDs Professional Decorum


Balancing Video & Lighting


Beyond DMX


Environmental Lighting


Dynamic Video Setups


Field Servicing Permanent Installations


Measurables and Light


Pixel Mapping Your Truss


Creative Use of Gobos


Utilizing Aerial Effects


Audience Blinders


Learning the Ropes


Moving Head Maintenance Basics


Building Your Own Studio


Loving Lime


Covering The Angles


Layered Effects


Negative Space


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