There are many lighting softwares for lighting desing but a few of them are user friendly softwares. Relux is one of user friendly software like Dialux for lighting and architectural designing. Software is developed by Relux Informatik AG for professional light planning is open to luminaires of all manufacturers. Company, located in Switzerland, is involved in development, production and distribution of the lighting planning software and product catalogs. Relux engaged in the development, production and distribution of lighting planning and product presentation software. 

Relux was set up in the form of a limited company by three luminaire manufacturers in February 1998. The new company was able to take over the program that had previously been jointly developed by the Swiss Lighting Industry Association. 

Relux has now become a standard in state-of-the-art lighting planning.



Apart from Dialux, Relux software includes different kind of sub programs inside Relux Suite software. ReluxCAD, ReluxENERGY, ReluxSUITE, ReluxSENSOR, ReluxOffer, ReluxTUNNEL, ReluxLUM, ReluxPRO are all softwares supported by the company. In the next posts, you will be informed about the differences between Dialux and Relux. Moreover, you will also be informed about the other lighting software more detailed.  Here are some of functions given below to explain the general structure abour program. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks for your interest, hope to see you in next topics.


Program functions

  • 2D/3D modeller
  • Easylux Assistant for express processing
  •  Luminaires/ bulb and sensor database with more than 300,000 products
  •  Material/textures/furniture library
  • Light simulation in 2D/3D by the radiosity method
  • Generation of isolines, pseudocolours and 3D light distribution diagrams
  •  Renderer using the raytracing method for perfect pictures
  •  Simulation of the sensor detection range in 2D/3D
  • Moviemaker and 3D-stereo presentation
  •  Cost-efficiency analysis of luminaires
  •  Analysis of daylight influence on ISO-LUX diagrams
  • Profitability of daylight control
  •  Solar altitude diagram
  • Output manager with integrated PDF generator
  •  Quotation module


If you have some questions about RELUX, you will find contact informations given below to communicate with the firm directly.

Relux Informatik AG
Postfach Dornacherstrasse 377
CH-4018 Basel
T +41 61 333 07 70
F +41 61 333 07 72
[email protected]
Hotline +41 61 333 07 73
[email protected]

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