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When we talk about lighting, first think we will remember is the name of “IES“. What is “IES” ? Here is the definition of IES given below;

The IES is a collegial community dedicated to improving the lighted environment. The IES is composed of a diverse membership, all with an interest in and a dedication to good lighting. 25% of the membership is involved in manufacturing (lamps, sources, luminaires, accessories); another 25% is composed of lighting designers and architects. The remaining 50% is composed of consultants, electrical and building contractors, distributors, and wholesalers, individuals working in affiliated lighting fields, those working for utilities and energy services, and people in government and education. Over one thousand of these members serve on committees, most serving on the Society’s document development committees; these committees develop standards, design guides, technical memoranda, lighting energy management materials, guidelines and lighting measurement, testing and calculation guides.**

In short definition, ies is a lighting association. The importance of IES is due its trusted resources. They have enormous lighting library and many publications in it. If you are a proffesional or new for lighting industry, these lighting libraries have to be in your archieve. Many of us, starts with these lighting documents to cover the lighting as a complete systems. You need this publications in lighting library of youroffice or home. Publications of IES will show you where and how you start to your steps. These Publications also give you general coverage with high qualified archieve from Tunnel Lighting to Daylighting. Although there are lots of publications from ies, we collect athe list of IES publications for you. Remember, this post will help you to understand what series of IES refer to what.

IES Publications (Lighting Library of IES) – Table of Contents;

IES Publications Codes with RP – “Recommended Practices/ANSI Standards”

RP-1-12 Office Lighting

RP-3-13 American National Standard Practice on Lighting for Educational Facilities

RP-4-13 Library Lighting

RP-5-13 Recommended Practice for Daylighting Buildings

RP-6-01 Sports and Recreational Lighting (Reaffirmed 2009)

RP-8-14 Roadway Lighting

RP-16-10 Nomenclature and Definitions for Illuminating Engineering

RP-20-14 Lighting for Parking Facilities

RP-22-11 Tunnel Lighting

RP-27.1-05 Photobiological Safety for Lamp & Lamp Systems-General Requirements

RP-27.2-00 Photobiological Safety for Lamp & Lamp Systems-Measurement Techniques(Reaffirmed 2011)

RP-27.3-07 Photobiological Safety for Lamp & Lamp Systems-Risk Group Classifications & Labeling

RP-28-07 Lighting and the Visual Environment for Senior Living

RP-29-06 Lighting for Hospital and Health Care Facilities

RP-30-96 Museum and Art Gallery Lighting (Reaffirmed 2008)

RP-31-14 Recommended Practice for the Economic Analysis of Lighting

RP-33-14 Lighting for Exterior Environments

RP-36-03 IESNA/NALMCO Planned Indoor Lighting Maintenance

IES Publications Codes with DG – “Design Guides”

DG-3-00 Application of Luminaire Symbols on Lighting Design Drawings* (Reaffirmed 2010)

DG-4-14 Design Guide for Roadway Lighting Maintenance

DG-10-12 Choosing Light Sources for General Lighting

DG-16-05 Guidelines for Professional Filming or Photographing Works of Art in Museums

DG-17-05 Fundamentals of Lighting for Videoconferencing

DG-18-08 Light + Design: A Guide to Designing Quality Lighting for People and Buildings

DG-19-08 Design Guide for Roundabout Lighting

DG-20-09 Stage Lighting: A Guide to the Planning of Theatres and Auditoriums

DG-22-12 Sustainable Lighting: An Introduction to the Environmental Impacts of Lighting

DG-23-14 Design Guide for Toll Plazas

DG-25-12 Design Guide for Hotel Lighting

DG-29-11 The Commissioning Process Appplied to Lighting and Control Systems

IES Publications Codes with G – “Guidelines”

G-1-03 Guideline on Security Lighting for People, Property, and Public Spaces

G-2-10 Guideline for the Application of General Illumination (“White”) Light – Emitting Diode (LED) Technologies

IES Publications Codes with LEM – “Lighting Energy Management”

LEM-3-13 IES Guidelines For Upgrading Lighting Systems In Commercial and Institutional Spaces

LEM-7-13 Lighting Controls for Energy Management

IES Publications Codes with TM- “Technical Memoranda”

TM-1-12 The Five Lighting Metrics

TM-10-00 Addressing Obtrusive Light (Urban Sky Glow and Light Trespass) in Conjunction with Roadway Lighting (Reaffirmed 2011)

TM-11-00 Light Trespass: Research, Results and Recommendations (Reaffirmed 2011)

TM-12-12 Spectral Effects of Lighting on Visual Performance at Mesopic Light Levels

TM-15-11 Luminaire Classification System for Outdoor Luminaires

TM-16-05 Technical Memorandum on Light Emitting Diode (LED) Sources and Systems

TM-18-08 Light and Human Health: An Overview of the Impact of Optical Radiation on Visual, Circadian, Neuroendocrine, and Neurobehavioral Responses

TM-21-11 Projecting Long Term Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources

TM-23-11 Lighting Control Protocols

TM-24-13 An Optional Method for Adjusting the Recommended Illuminance for Visually Demanding Tasks within IES Illuminance Categories P through Y Based on Light Source Spectrum

TM-25-13 Ray File Format for the Description of the Emission Property of Light Sources

TM-27-14 IES Standard Format for the Electronic Transfer of Spectral Data

TM-28-14 Projecting Long-Term Luminous Flux Maintenance of LED Lamps and Luminaires

IES Publications Codes with LM- “Lighting Measurement Testing and Calculation Guides”

LM-9-09 Electrical and Photometric Measurement of Fluorescent Lamps

LM-15-03 Reporting General Lighting Equipment Engineering Data for Indoor Luminaires (Reaffirmed 2011)

LM-20-13 Photometry of Reflector Type Lamps

LM-28-12 IES Guide for the Selection, Care and Use of Electrical Instruments in the Photometric Laboratory

LM-40-10 Life Testing of Fluorescent Lamps

LM-41-14 Approved Method for Photometric Testing of Indoor Fluorescent Luminaires

LM-45-09 Electrical and Photometric Measurements of General Service Incandescent Filament Lamps

LM-46-04 Photometric Testing of Indoor Luminaires Using HID or Incandescent Filament Lamps (Reaffirmed 2012)

LM-47-12 Life Testing of High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps

LM-49-12 Life Testing of Incandescent Filament Lamps

LM-50-13 Photometric Measurement of Roadway and Street Lighting Installations

LM-51-13 Electrical and Photometric Measurement of High Intensity Discharge Lamps

LM-52-03 Photometric Measurements of Roadway Sign Installations (Reaffirmed 2014)

LM-54-12 IES Guide to Lamp Seasoning

LM-58-13 IES Approved Method for Spectroradiometric Measurement Methods for Light Sources

LM-61-06 Identifying Operating Factors for Installed High Intensity Discharge Luminaires (Reaffirmed 2014)

LM-62-06 Laboratory or Field Thermal Measurements of Fluorescent Lamps and Ballasts in Luminaires

LM-63-02 Standard File Format for Electronic Transfer of Photometric Data* (Reaffirmed 2008)

LM-65-14 Life Testing of Single-Based Fluorescent Lamps

LM-66-14 Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Single-Based Fluorescent Lamps

LM-72-03 Directional Positioning of Photometric Data (Reaffirmed 2010)

LM-73-04 Photometric Testing of Entertainment Luminaires Using Incandescent Filament Lamps or High Intensity Discharge Lamps (Reaffirmed 2009)

LM-74-05 Standard File Format for the Electronic Transfer of Luminaire Component Data

LM-75-01 Goniophotometer Types and Photometric Coordinates (Reaffirmed 2012)

LM-76-02 Photometric Testing of Fiber Optics Lighting Systems (Reaffirmed 2008)

LM-77-09 Intensity Distribution Measurement of Luminaires and Lamps Using Digital Screen Imaging Photometry

LM-78-07 Approved Method for Total Luminous Flux Measurement of Lamps using an Integrating Sphere Photometer

LM-79-08 Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid State Lighting Products

LM-80-08 Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources

LM-81-10 Photometric Testing of Skylights and Tubular Daylighting Devices Under Hemispheric Sky Conditions

LM-82-12 Characterization of LED Light Engines and LED Lamps for Electrical and Photometric Properties as a Function of Temperature

LM-83-12 IES Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA) and Annual Sunlight Exposure (ASE)

LM-84-14 Measuring Luminous Flux and Color Maintenance of LED Lamps, Light Engines, and Luminaires

LM-85-14 Electrical and Photometric Measurements of High-Power LEDs

IES Publications – Handbook;

HB-10-11 The Lighting Handbook, 10th Edition


Do you need more informations about associations! Here is the previous post we are shared before. Moreover, you can also find terms and definition our Lighting glossary post!



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