Miami Tower


 Miami Tower

With its new Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting system, Miami Tower building owners will save almost $260,000 annually in energy, maintenance, and operating costs

The iconic Miami Tower is famous for its color-changing lighting scheme in the city’s night skyline. To light the exterior of the building, Miami Tower used hundreds of large 1000 W and 400 W metal halide fixtures. To create the color effects on the building was costly and required a maintenance crew to use cumbersome and expensive gels. Building management also had to lease air space on neighboring roof decks, where they housed additional lighting fixtures at a cost of $110,000 per year in order to fully light the exterior of the building. At a time when people were paying particular attention to sustainable practices, the Tower’s inefficient exterior lighting system was becoming a target of criticism.

The replacement Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting system will pay for itself in just over four years—including a savings of almost 92% annually in exterior lighting energy costs—and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 1.2 million pounds. The cutting-edge LED lighting system will also allow building owners to create custom light shows at the push of a button.

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