Matters Needing Attention In Architectural Lighting Design

architectural lighting design

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In the modern architectural decoration, not only pay attention to the indoor space elements, more attention to the indoor and outdoor environment of the lighting of the aesthetic effect and the resulting psychological effect. Therefore, the lighting is not only a continuation of natural light, but in the architectural decoration in full use of bright and dark collocation, combination of light and shadow to create a comfortable, beautiful lighting environment. So how can we design to achieve satisfactory results below we will introduce you to the architectural lighting design need to pay attention to

1. the distribution of light – the soft light distribution in the room with different levels, can give a sense of comfort. On the contrary, it is not suitable or too much light will cause damage and fatigue of vision.

2. the appropriate reflection control – the reflection of the room, although not for the visual acuity, but may cause irritation and damage to visual acuity.

3. good contrast correction – it is important to make the eye to distinguish between physical and background. A lighting system, a good contrast correction will not cause reflection, or even shiny plane and document. Even reading it will not affect the smooth paper.

4. the correct direction of the project – the position of the lamp projection direction is important for contrast correction. At the same time, it also influences the distribution of light and shadow.

5. the appropriate shadow state – the shadow can enhance the function of three-dimensional line of sight and guidance. Effective combination of scattered light and direct light can produce a good shadow.

6. the presentation of the appropriate color – the day, the light will change the natural light. Therefore, the artificial light source can show different color and light performance, in order to support different lighting function and situation.

7. natural color correction – only the incident light within the spectrum of color can be reflected by the object and the naked eye. Color correction for the measurement of artificial light sources, in order to show the natural color of the object. If possible, recommend the use of LED light source products, color and color temperature, such aspects are outstanding.

8. effective lighting environment – the light energy affects people’s mood and feeling. The feeling of the room and light is a kind of subjective and unconscious impression. In recent years, the public has paid more and more attention to the importance of the positive lighting environment in the workplace.

9. effective control of energy consumption – the basic requirements of modern lighting design is the use of energy and save. Energy conservation, environmental protection and health is the basic purpose of green lighting.

The above is the Soxhlet lighting design we summarize the matters needing nine architectural lighting design attention, a good building lighting design can enable people to get the best visual effect in indoor space environment, but also can get some atmosphere and mood, increase the indoor space effect and aesthetic feeling.

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