lighting designer list

What is Architectural Lighting Design?

Lighting design is the art of designing our environment by light with the help of Architecture, Engineering, Science, Math, Physics…etc. It applies to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Some websites defines Architectural Lighting Design in different words. There are lots of debates about. Some say it belongs to architects, some say it belongs to electrical engineers. Actualy, we stated that Architectural Lighting Design is combination of using techniques and aspects from art, architecture and electrical engineering. Lighting designers usually have one background in specific discipline. Many of Lighting Designer have architectural background. On the other hand, lighting origins itself in Electrical Engineering. Best lighting designer is the one who takes part in transdisciplinary design profession that is, in fact, distinct from architectural, interior, landscape and urban design, as well as electrical and electronic engineering, yet intersects with all of them. This design discipline integrates knowledge in the natural sciences and the social sciences, as well as technology and engineering. It requires expertise in the physics of light and the physiology and the psychology of light perception by humans, also known as ergonomics or human factors. It is taught at the undergraduate and graduate academic levels, and its practicing professionals come from various backgrounds, including fine arts, design and engineering. Do you need to continue on your career in Architectural Lighting Design, you should need to check out our “Lighting Desing Universities” post to learn more.  There are also related posts which cover more informations and topics as “Architectural Desing BurosLighting SoftwaresAssociationsMagazinesEvents“.

Here are some of Lighting Designers List:

First Name Last Name Company
Katherine Abernathy Abernathy Lighting Design
David Bird 2B Designed Pty. Ltd.
Claude Engle Claude R Engle Lighting Consultants
Larry French Auerbach Glasow French
Stefan Graf Illuminart
Dawn Hollingsworth Bold
Barbara Horton Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, Inc.
John Marsteller TSLE – The Spatial Light Environments Limited
Kaoru Mende Lighting Planners Associates Inc.
Naomi Miller Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jeffrey Miller Jeff Miller & Company, Inc.
Janet Moyer International Landscape Lighting Institute
Gerd Pfarre Pfarre Lighting Design
Robert Shook Schuler Shook
Charles Stone Fisher Marantz Stone Architectural Lighting
Pamela Wilson PHW Architectural Lighting Design
James Benya Benya Lighting Design
Alfred Borden The Lighting Practice, Inc.
Barbara Bouyea Bouyea & Associates Inc
Howard Brandston M. M. Brandston & Company, Inc.
Randy Burkett Randy Burkett Lighting Design Inc
Helen Diemer The Lighting Practice, Inc.
Gary Gordon Gary Gordon LLC
Raymond Grenald Grenald Waldron Associates
Motoko Ishii Motoko Ishii Lighting Design Inc.
Charles (Chip) Israel Lighting Design Alliance
Mitchell Kohn Mitchell B. Kohn Lighting Design
Stephen Lees Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, Inc.
JoAnne Lindsley Lindsley Consultants Inc.
Paul Marantz Fisher Marantz Stone Architectural Lighting
Hayden McKay Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, Inc.
Jeffrey Milham The Nuckolls Fund
David Mintz
Babu Shankar Integrated Lighting Design
Michael Souter Luminae Souter Associates, LLC
Gary Steffy Gary Steffy Lighting Design Inc
Lee Waldron Grenald Waldron Associates – China
Nikolaos Adrianopoulos Adrianopoulos & Associates
Mary Alcaraz AKF
Rosemarie Allaire Rosemarie Allaire Lighting Design
Matt Alleman SmithGroupJJR
Walter Amort Studio Amort
Key Anderson Niteo Lighting LLC
Steven Andert William Tao & Associates, Inc
David Apfel David Apfel Lighting Design
Alexis Arnoldi Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design Inc.
S. Auerbach Auerbach Glasow & French
Christina Augustesen Grontmij – Carl Bro – Denmark
Gustavo Aviles Martinez Lighteam Gustavo Aviles S.C.
Jack Bailey One Lux Studio
Colin Ball BDP
James Baney Schuler Shook
Lawrence Bartlett Bartlett Design, Inc.
A. Jytte Basler The Flaming Beacon PTY LTD
Sarvdeep Basur Lucent Consultants
Faith Baum Illumination Arts LLC
Paul Beale Electrolight Pty Ltd
Christa Belasco Hammel, Greem and Abrahamson, Inc.
Terry Bell CTG Lighting Design Studio
Stephen Bernstein Cline Bettridge Bernstein
Francesca Bettridge Cline Bettridge Bernstein
Inga Birkenstock Birkenstock Lighting Design, Inc.
Keith Bradshaw Speirs + Major LLP
Susan Brady SBLD Studio
Ulrike Brandi Ulrike Brandi Licht GMBH
Lee Brandt Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design
E. Teal Brogden Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, Inc.
Jon Brooks Architectural Engineering Design Group, Inc.
Jeffrey Brown Colorlume, Inc.
Stephen Brown NDYLIGHT
Anne Bureau Wonderfulight
Cynthia Burke Burke Lighting Design, Inc.
Richard Cameron Lightivity Lighting Design
Murat Cap Luxwelt e.K.
Philip Caton PJC Lighting Design
Henry Chan Ove Arup and Partners Hong Kong Limited
Warren Charter Charter Sills Architectural Lighting
Ya-Hui Cheng The Flaming Beacon
Reiko Chikada Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc.
Elias Cisneros 333 Luxes
Louis Clair Light Cibles – France
Nancy Clanton Clanton & Associates
Mollie Clarahan SHW Group
Jill Cody Dark Light Design
Renee Cooley Cooley Monato Studio
Luciana Costantin Acenda Lighting Project
John Coventry Coventry Lighting
Robert Daniels Brilliant Lighting Design
Ross De Alessi Ross De Alessi Lighting Design
Mark De La Fuente William Tao & Associates, Inc.
John Decker
Michael DiBlasi Schuler Shook
Kenneth Douglas
Anthony Dowthwaite Tony Dowthwaite Lighting Design
Emily Dufner Arup
Amardeep Dugar Lighting Research & Design
Bruce Dunlop Bruce Dunlop Lighting Design, LLC
John Dunn Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, Inc.
Robert Dupuy Robert Dupuy Consulting, LLC
Aram Ebben exp
Jason Edling Niteo Lighting, LLC
Mark Elliott Point of View
Erin Erdman eSquared Lighting Design
Paul Ericson Sparling/Candela
Laurent Fachard Les Eclairagistes Associes
Lina Farje Tyréns AB
Cinzia Ferrara Ferrara Palladino – Italy
Graham Festenstein Graham Festenstein Lighting Design Ltd.
Sarah Fisher AKF Group
Randall Fisher NBBJ
Rachel Fitzgerald RNL Design
Adrien Flouraud Speirs + Major – United Kingdom
Denise Fong Candela Architectural Lighting Design
Rhomney Forbes-Gray Lightbrigade Architectural Lighting
Henry Forrest Fisher Marantz Stone Architecural Lighting
Carlos Fortes Estudio Carlos Fortes / Luz+Design
Clara Fraenkel Ljusarkitektur-part of AF Lighting
Gilberto Franco Franco Associados
Mark Frank Emphasis Lighting Group
Deborah Frankhouser Four Point Lighting Design, LLC
Morgan Gabler Gabler-Youngston
Patrick Gallegos
Sarah Gandy Gandy Squared Lighting Design
Lance Gandy Gandy Squared Lighting Design
Ailon Gavish Studio Twilight
G. Michael Gehring Kaplan Gehring McCarroll Architectural Lighting, Inc.
Reinhard Germer L-Plan Lighting Design
Jeffrey Gerwing Smith Group, Inc.
David Ghatan C. M. Kling & Associates
Jenni Gillard Jenni Gillard Architectural Lighting Designers
Lindsay Gillespie Standard Vision. LLC
Debra Gilmore Gilmore Lighting Design
Maurici Gines Artecluminotecnia Sl
Patricia Glasow Auerbach Glasow French
Shannon Glover Candela Architectural Lighting Design
Karen Goldstick Goldstick Lighting Design, Ltd.
Domingo Gonzalez Domingo Gonzales Associates
Joseph Good Spectrum Professional Services, Inc.
Bertil Göransson Luxera – Sweden
Chad Groshart Atelier Ten
Gwen Grossman Gwen Grossman Lighting Design LLC
Michael Grubb Michael Grubb Studio
Scott Guenther MCLA , Inc.
Tao Ham Hammel Green & Abrahamson
Won Keun Han Brandston Partnership, Inc.
Barry Hannaford dpa Lighting Consultants
Pordis Hardardottir Drekafluga slf.
Mark Harris MWHarris Lighting Studio
Julia Hartmann Lightsphere GmbH
Andrea Hartranft Hartranft Lighting Design, LLC
Carrie Hawley HLB Lighting Design
Darrell Hawthorne Architecture & Light
Mary Ann Hay Syska Hennessy Group
Steven Hefferan Hefferan Partnership Inc.
Glenn Heinmiller Lam Partners, Inc.
Arto Heiskanen WhiteNight Lighting Oy
Paul Helms Paul Helms Design Consultants
Vivi Hennig WSP Lighting Design Sweden
Mark Hershman Impact Illumination
Michael Heusi Michael Josef Heusi
Haldane Hilbish Hilbish Mcgee Lighting Design
Stefan Hofmann Lichtwerke GmbH
Nick Hoggett dpa Lighting Consultants
Peter Hugh Hugh Lighting Design LLC
Junko Inomoto Arup
Seiji Ishida LIGHTSCENE inc.
Stephen Iski The Studio I Company
Tatsuya Iwai Iwai Lumimedia Design
Archit Jain Oculus Light Studio
Andrew Jaques The Flaming Beacon Pty Ltd.
Zheng JianWei BIAD Zheng JianWei Lighting Studio
Scott Johnson Wolcott Architecture Interiors
Anita Jorgensen Anita Jorgensen Lighting Design
Ann Kale Ann Kale Associates
Atsushi Kaneda Worktecht Corporation
Hyman Kaplan Hy-Lite Design
Claudia Kappl CLL.Concept Lighting Lab
Akihiko Kawabata dpa Lighting Consultants Japan LLP
Mark Keilson CD+M Lighting Design Group
Hanspeter Keller Mati Lichtgestaltung – Switzerland
Addison Kelly US Lighting Consultants
Tanas Khoury Light Concept
Jorgen Kjer COWI A/S
Martin Klaasen Klaasen Lighting Design
Steven Klein Klein Lighting. LLC
Emily Klingensmith Schuler Shook
Jill Klores Essential Light Design Studio, LLC
Christopher Knowlton Electrolight
Rita Koltai Koltai Lighting Design, LLC
Theo Kondos T. Kondos Associates
Takeshi Konishi Architectural Lighting Group
Keith Kosiba Studio Three Twenty One LLC
Francis Krahe Francis Krahe and Associates, Inc.
Jerry Kugler Kugler Ning Lighting Design,Inc.
Ronald Kurtz Randy Burkett Lighting Design, Inc.
Anne Kustner Haser Anne Kustner Lighting Design Ltd
Yunong Lai Unolai Lighting Design
Andy Lang Lang Lighting Design, Inc.
Matthew Latchford Lam Partners, Inc.
Allan Leibow Lightvision
Sara Leino Grandlund Oy
Douglas Leonard Douglas Leonard Lighting
William Lewis Lewis Lighting Design
Chris Lewis Lighting Design International
Chou Lien Brandston Partnership, Inc.
Ta-Wei Lin CMA Lighting Design
Jason Livingston Studio T+ L. LLC
Mark Loeffler Atelier Ten
Ion Luh Consullux Lighting Consultants / Crossey Engineering
Thomas Lyman HDR, Inc.
Gregg Mackell 186 Lighting Design Group, Inc.
Lauren MacLeod Candela Architectural Lighting Design
Maureen Mahr
Mark Major Speirs + Major
Vasiliki Malakasi Idea Design Ltd
David Malman Architectural Lighting Design
Rodrigo Manriquez SmithGroupJJR
Robert Mapes Craig Roberts Associates Inc.
Peter Maradudin StudioK1
Stephen Margulies One Lux Studio
John Martin KGM Architectural Lighting
Ted Mather Available Light
Miki Matsushita Miki Matsushita Lighting Design Co., Ltd.
Scott Matthews Brandston Partnership Inc
Hilla Mayer RTLD Lighting Design
E. Sara McBarnette Auerbach Glasow French
Michael McCarroll Kaplan Gehring McCarroll Architectural Lighting, Inc.
Angela McDonald Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design Inc
Brian McIntyre George Sexton Associates
Molly McKnight Arup
Paul Mercier Lighting Design Innovations
Thomas Mika Reflexion – Switzerland
Anne Militello Vortex Lighting
Christopher Mok Spectrum Design & Associates (Asia)
Avraham Mor Lightswitch Architectural
Maureen Moran MCLA Architectural Lighting Design
Hideto Mori Lighting M Inc.
Johan Moritz City of Malmo
Melinda Morrison Melinda Morrison Lighting
Karen Murphy HDR
Hiroshi Naiki Naikidesign, Inc.
Ronald Neal Ron Neal Lighting Design
Jason Neches L Observatoire International
David Nelson David Nelson & Associates
Robert Newell Robert Newell Lighting Design
Juliette Nielsen Beersnielsen Lichtontwerpers – Netherlands
Janet Nolan J S Nolan & Associates Lighting Design, LLC
Leslie North Aurora Lighting Design
Paul Nulty Paul Nulty Lighting Design – United Kingdom
Sean O’Connor Sean O’Connor Lighting, Inc.
Yukio Onoda Iris Associates
Robert Osten Lam Partners, Inc.
Craig Oty Cammisa & Wipf
Pamela Padruno Estudio Diav
Georgios Paissidis STILVI Lighting Ltd.
Victor Palacio Ideas en Luz
Pietro Palladino Ferrara Palladino – Italy
Paul Pamboukian Pamboukian LightDesign
Guinter Parschalk Radix Estudio de Design Ltda.
Thomas Paterson Lux Populi
Vladan Paunovic Ramboll Lighting
Martin Peck Creative Lighting Design & Engineering
Giulio Pedota Schuler Shook
Enrique Peiniger Office For Visual Interaction, Inc.
Jennifer Pieszak Pieszak Lighting Design
Kai Piippo AF Lighting
Jonathan Plumpton WSP
Susan Porter Bouyea & Associates
Derek Porter Derek Porter Studio
Suzanne Powadiuk Suzanne Powadiuk Design Inc.
Lee Prince Light & Design Associates
Jody Pritchard PritchardPeck Lighting
Leslie North Aurora Lighting Design
Paul Nulty Paul Nulty Lighting Design – United Kingdom
Sean O’Connor Sean O’Connor Lighting, Inc.
Yukio Onoda Iris Associates
Robert Osten Lam Partners, Inc.
Craig Oty Cammisa & Wipf
Pamela Padruno Estudio Diav
Georgios Paissidis STILVI Lighting Ltd.
Victor Palacio Ideas en Luz
Pietro Palladino Ferrara Palladino – Italy
Paul Pamboukian Pamboukian LightDesign
Guinter Parschalk Radix Estudio de Design Ltda.
Thomas Paterson Lux Populi
Vladan Paunovic Ramboll Lighting
Martin Peck Creative Lighting Design & Engineering
Giulio Pedota Schuler Shook
Enrique Peiniger Office For Visual Interaction, Inc.
Jennifer Pieszak Pieszak Lighting Design
Kai Piippo AF Lighting
Jonathan Plumpton WSP
Susan Porter Bouyea & Associates
Derek Porter Derek Porter Studio
Suzanne Powadiuk Suzanne Powadiuk Design Inc.
Lee Prince Light & Design Associates
Jody Pritchard PritchardPeck Lighting
Robert Prouse Brandston Partnership, Inc.
Alice Prussin Illuminosa/Alice Prussin Lighting Design
Patrick Quigley Patrick B. Quigley & Associates, Inc.
Philip Rafael Studio Illumine
Jason Rainone Abernathy Lighting Design
Chad Rains IlluminationWorks
Claudio Ramos Banks Ramos Architectural Lighting Design
David Raver Modus
Richard Renfro Renfro Design Group Inc
Julia Rezek Julia Rezek Lighting Design
Mark Ridler BDP Lighting – United Kingdom
Christopher Ripman Ripman Lighting Consultants
Ashley J Robbins International Association of Lighting Designers
Michael Rohde L-Plan Lighting Design
Enrique Rojas Steffian Bradley Associates, Inc.
Philip Rose Speirs + Major Associates
Steven Rosen Available Light Inc
Melanie Rosenthal Lichtvision Design – Germany
Maurizio Rossi Maurizio Rossi Lighting Design
Francois Roupinian Lightemotion Inc.
Allan Ruberg ÅF Lighting
Mary Rushton-Beales The Lighting Design House
Burr Rutledge KUGLER NING Lighting Design
Iain Ruxton Speirs + Major – United Kingdom
Randy Sabedra RS Lighting Design
Marty Salzberg Cline Bettridge Bernstein
Toby Samuelson Morrissey Engineering
Gustavo Sanchez Atelier Ten
Duane Schuler Schuler Shook
Andreas Schulz Licht Kunst Licht
D. Schweppe Schweppe Lighting Design, Inc.
Joseph Scott Tripped on Light Design Inc.
Shoshanna Segal Luminous FLux, LLC
Erik Selmer Erik Selmer, Sivilarkitekt Mnal
Neide Senzi Senzi Lighting Consultants
George Sexton George Sexton Associates
Kevan Shaw KSLD
Beverley Shimmin
Hiroyasu Shoji LIGHTDESIGN Inc.
Glenn Shrum FLUX Studio Ltd.
Sharlene Shugarman Architectural Lighting by Shugarman
Gudjon Sigurdsson Verkis hf.
Robert Singer Robert Singer & Associates Inc.
Elida Sirlin Eli Sirlin LD
Korhan Sisman Planlux Lighting Design CO. LTD.
Thomas Skradski Lumenworks Inc
Michael Smith MJS LIGHT
Michael Sparrow Lend Lease
Christian Spork Weisspunkt Und Purpur
Craig Spring Luminosity
Brian Stacy Arup
Marla Stauth Frankly Lighting
Ana Stojadinovic Syntax Lighting
Christopher Stroik Stroik Lighting Design, LLC
Lukas Sturm Lumen Studio, Inc
Jean Sundin Office for Visual Interaction, Inc.
Mark Sutton Vane Sutton Vane Associates
Masanobu Takeishi ICE
Andre Tammes
Vincent Tarango LFA Lighting Design
Melanie Taylor WSP
Kevin Theobald GIA Equation
Eileen Thomas Studio K1
Nathan Thompson The Flaming Beacon Pty, Ltd.
Charles Thompson Archillume Lighting Design Inc.
Christopher Thompson Studio Lux
Priit Tiimus Tipriit Valgusdisain – Estonia
Suzan Tillotson Tillotson Design Associates
Yah Li Toh Light Collab
Lauri Tredinnick Pivotal Lighting Design – The Lighting Group of Affiliated Engineers
Ran Troim RTLD Lighting Design
Emrah Baki Ulas Steensen Varming
Sjoerd van Beers Beersnielsen Lichtontwerpers – Netherlands
Berry van Egten BERLUX lichtarchitectuur
Martin van Koolbergen Kaplan Gehring McCarroll Architectural Lighting, Inc.
Koert Vermeulen ACT Lighting Design
Isabel Villar Fernandez Ljusarkitektur
Christian Vogt Vogt & Partner
Robert Jan Vos Robert Jan Vos Lighting Design
James Wallace Light Plan
Birgit Walter BMLD Architectual Lighting Design
Dongning Wang United Artists Lighting Design Co. Ltd.
Yanzhi Wang Grand Sight Design International Limited
William Warfel
Scott Watson Scott Watson Associates, Lighting Consultants
Dan Weinreber Kaplan Gehring McCarroll Architectural Lighting, Inc.
Douglas Welch Eos Lightmedia
Robert White Illuminart
Randall Whitehead Randy Whitehead Lighting Inc
Jered Widmer The Lighting Practice, Inc.
Carla Wilkins Lichtvision Design & Engineering GmbH
Bridget Williams Bridget Wiliams Lighting Design
Katja Winkelmann Licht01 Lighting Design
Kevin Womack Arup
Gary Woodall Gary Steffy Lighting Design
Jay Wratten WSP
Keith Yancey Lam Partners, Inc.
JK Yao chroma33 Architectural Lighting Design
Ma Ye Grenald Waldron Associates – China
Yu Ye Lighting Planners Associates
Yukiko Yoshida Auerbach Glasow French
James Youngston Gabler-Youngston
James Yuan JY Lighting Design Consultants
Paul Zaferiou Lam Partners, Inc.
Galina Zbrizher Total Lighting Solutions
Xin Zhang X Studio of Lighting Design, School of Architecture
Karolina M. Zielinska-Dabkowska Designs-4-People (d4p)
Ardra Zinkon TEC Studio Inc.
David Ziolkowski HOK Lighting Group
Susannah Zweighaft AKF Lighting Design
Robert Adams Strategic Energy Solutions
Sharyn Adler Gitalis Colour+Light
Christina Andriole Lumen Studio, Inc.
Gordon Anson National Gallery of Art
Yuki Anzai BANKS|RAMOS Architectural Lighting Design
Gilles Arpin Eclairage Public
David Atkinson David Atkinson Lighting Design
Philip Avery GIA Equation
Tony Baker Capitol City Design
Mandar Bankhele Lighting Ergonomics
Michael Barber The Lighting Practice, Inc.
Michael Barden Integrated Design Solutions
Derek Barnwell Available Light, Inc.
David Becker David Becker Design
Steve Bedard Eos Lightmedia
Lucrecia Blanco Blanca Lighting Design
Steven Bliss Bliss Fasman Inc.
Sergio Boccia DMU Design
Kire Bogoevski 2B Designed Pty. Ltd.
Diane Borys Michael Wall Engineering
Marie Ikram Bouhlel Atelierdada Paris
Suzanne Branch Lum Lighting Design
Tara-Lee Brennan iLAB
Jared Britton Envision Enginerring
CJ Brockway Luma Lighting Design
Dawn Brown exp
Geoff Bryden Gabriel Mackinnon
Naxelli Burgoa Lighteam, Gustavo Aviles S.C.
Nicholas Burnham NDYLIGHT
Steven Byrd byrdwaters DESIGN
Jorge Calderon Hernandez Lighteam, Gustavo Aviles S.C.
Thomas Carlins Carlins Consulting
Tim Carr Arup
Daisy Chan Nemetz (S-A) Associates Ltd
Christopher Cheap Dot Dash
Rebecca Cherney Advanced Engineering Systems
Katharyn Chick Innovative Illumination Design, Inc.
Simon Chiu Webb Australia Group
Donald Christensen Christensen Lighting
David Clinard Clinard Studio
Emma Cogswell Halo Lighting Design Services
Clint Coller Metropolitan Museum of Art
Melissa Conchilla MAC Design Group, Inc.
Ryan Conover The Lighting Practice
Joseph Conti Illumination Arts LLC
Jim Conti Jim Conti Lighting Design
Kate Conway WSP Vision Design
Martin Cook Cook & Associates Design Consultants
Rafael Correa Smith & Andersen
Colin Craig USG
Anabella Cucalon Earth & Light
Jennifer Curley Lighting Workshop
Michael Curry dpa lighting
David Cyr Lilker Associates
Kenneth Daniel Westwood Design, LLC
Kevin Danna KMD Lighting Design LLC
Philip Darrell Philip Darrell Lighting Design
Haley Darst Cannon Design
Star Davis ARUP
Kaci DeLong Anne Kustner Lighting Design, Ltd
Anthony Denami Stones River Electric
Carol DePelecyn dePelecyn Studio Inc.
Beth Dickerson KSA Interiors
Travis Dickey Lighting Design Alliance
Kevin Dinh AECOM
Marcel Dion Marcel Dion
Nathanael Doak
Ilva Dodaj Domingo Gonzalez Associates
Ji (Andy) Dongling Klaasen Lighting Design (Shanghai Office)
Julie Donovan HOK Lighting Group
Jennifer Doran Lighting Design Alliance
Ashley Dowthwaite Tony Dowthwaite Lighting Design
Janelle Drouet Lightswitch Architectural SF, Inc
Julia Dudley Newcomb & Boyd
Richard Dunham Dunham Design Associates
Cy Eaton
Derrick Edwards Norman Disney & Young
Paul Ehlert EPOS Design
Rand Elliott Elliot & Associates Architects
Victoria Ellis Ellis Consulting, Ltd.
Luke Ellis Shop 12 Design
Kaori Endo
Dalia Engler Taurus Design
Stephanie Enlow
Marcia Exelrud Bright Light Designs
Richard Falconer MCLA Architectural Lighting Design
Glen Fasman Bliss Fasman Inc.
Richard Fisher Randy Burkett Lighting Design, Inc.
John Ford Relume Consulting
Margaret Fowler McDowell Margaret Fowler McDowell Lighting Design
John Fox Fox & Fox Design
Melanie Freundlich Melanie Freundlich Lighting Design
Shigeki Fujii Nipek
Misa Fujii Lighting Planners Associates
Yoshiko Fukuda Nakajima Tatsuoki Lighting Design Laboratory
Kaitlin Fuller MCLA Architectural Lighting Design
Clement Fung M. Moser Associates Limited
Martin Gagnon Ambiances Design Productions
Kiran Ganti Integrated Lighting Design
Enrique Garcia-Carrera Fisher Marantz Stone Architectural Lighting
David Garza Professional Engineering Consultants, P.A.
Jacob Gerber Lang Lighting Design
Cynthia Gernetzke HLB Lighting Design
Mohamed Ghanem Light Artists
Robyn Goldstein HLB Lighting Design
Mary Goodwin Western Extralite Company
Deborah Gottesman Gottesman Associates
Michel Goupy Point of View
David Hahn Sean O’Connor Lighting, Inc.
Catherine Hall Hammel Green & Abrahamson Inc.
Taketoshi Harada Homura Lightscape Design
Lee Harris Light & Space
Michael Harrold Steensen Varming Party Ltd.
Emad Hasan The Lighting Practice, Inc.
Yusuke Hattori Lighting Planners Associates
Aki Hayakawa Toh Design
Amber Hepner Lam Partners, Inc.
Emilio Hernandez Paul Nulty Lighting Design
Golsana Heshmati Auerbach Glasow French
Julia Heutel Ross & Baruzzini
Paul Hixson Helius Lighting Group
Rebecca Ho-Dion Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers Inc.
Harold Hobbs JJA, Inc.
Trevor Hollins HDR
He Hong China Construction Design International
Stephen Hoppe Beam Ltd
Stephan Horn Atelier Horn
Maida Hot GIA Equation
Jacob Hothan Candela
George Huang Shop 12 (An Affiliate of Steelman Partners)
Alyssa Humphries Essential Light Design Studio, LLC
Chieri Iizuka Chieri Iizuka Lighting Design
Shunichi Ikeda Lighting Planners Associates
Yutaka Inaba Forlights Co. Ltd.
Mina Ishak IshakLighting
Steven Isherwood PointOfView
Atsushi Itakura Lighting Planners Associates (HK) Ltd
Tatsuo Ito Tatsuo Itoo Lighting Design Lab
Faraz Izhar KEO International Consultants
Teri Jackson Seaport Lighting Inc.
Jared Jacobson AKF Group
Gaurav Jain Lighting Planners Associates
Susan Jennings Randy Burkett Lighting Design Inc
Connie Jensen Lighting Professionals Inc.
Faith Jewell
Shan Jiang Tillotson Design Associates
NINAD JOGDAND [email protected] Design Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Leslie Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson Illumination Arts LLC
Renee Joosten Cooley Monato Studio
Miory Kanashiro Ghafari
Stephen Kaye Mulvey & Banani
Patricia Kazinski Patricia A. Kazinski Lighting Consultant
Koh KC
Grant Kightlinger Schuler Shook
Sojeanne Kim Arup
Lucas King Licht Kunst Licht
Bryan Klammer Bouyea & Associates
Petra Kleegraefe Architectural Lighting Design
Saskia Kok-Tricomi Collaborative Lightechnique, LLC
Miho Konishi Architectural Lighting Group ALG
James Kopriva James Kopriva, Architect
Thomas Kowalczuk Wynn Design & Development
Shannon Kowski dark/light design
Kentaro Koyama Ken Koyama Lighting Design
Leia Kozel Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, Inc.
Takafumi Kubo MANTLE design
Mari Kubota Lighting Planners Associates Inc.
Ellen Kuklinski Schuler Shook
Akane Kuroda LIGHTDESIGN Inc.
Yoshihide Kurose Worktecht Corporation
Dirk Kuyk Kuyk & Associates Inc.
Scott Kuyper Luma Lighting Design
Samantha LaFleur LaFleur Associates
Kera Lagios Lam Partners, Inc.
Mehdi Laieb Ombrages
Fransiska Laksmono Point of View
Anton Lama Syska Hennessy Group
Matthew Landl Banks/Ramos Lighting Design
Andrew Lang Morrissey Engineering
Melvyn Law LimeLight Atelier
Mary-Jane Lawless Silverman & Light
Hyo Lee SHG
Yeon-so Lee Urban Lighting-Design Parnership Co., Ltd.
Howard Lee-Smith Lightvesselautomatic Ltd
James (Jay) Leggett Lighting Design Solutions, LLC
Erick Leininger The Lighting Practice, Inc.
Andy Leung Worktecht Corporation
Richard Lichte Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ira Lichtman Applied Minds, Inc.
Katherine Lindsay Tillotson Design Associates
Michael Lindsey Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, Inc.
Chris Lowe BDP Ltd.
Ben Luder Illuminate
Edwin Lusky Arora Engineers Inc.
Mary Ellen Lynch Comisso Lynch+Comisso: Architecture+Light
Lisa Lyons Leo A Daly
Andrew MacKinnon Gabriel Mackinnon
Chika Makabe Lighting Planners Associates Inc.
Rebecca Manning Rebecca Manning Lighting Design
Rohit Manudhane Ove Arup & Partners PC
Orlando Marques MS+M Associados
Ben Marshel Illumination Design Australia
Kristina Martin The Engineering Enterprise
Paula Martinez-Nobles Fisher Marantz Stone, Inc.
Kakudate Masahide NBBJ Studio 9 Lighting Design
Suzanne Massoud 3LU Lighting
Andy Matlock Professional Engineering Consultants, P.A.
Kohsaku Matsumoto Style Matec LTD
Hidekimi Mawatari Akari Factory
Patrick McGee Hilbish McGee Lighting Design
Caleb McKenzie T. Kondos Associates
Douglas McMillan Lightbox Design
Diane McNabb Rodriguez Circle Design Group Ltd.
David McNeil dpa Lighting Consultants fzllc
Cynthia McWilliams Pivotal Lighting Design
Tomomi Meguro Uchihara Creative Lighting Design Inc
Nikki-Nicole Miles Nikki-Nicole Miles
Keith Miller GIA Equation
Warren Mills Warren Works Lighting Consultancy
Ella Mills Biella Lighting Design
Walter Moggio Ernst Basler + Partner
Emily Monato Cooley Monato Studio
Joseph Montange NBBJ Studio 9 Lighting Design
Edgar Montpellier Lighteam, Gustavo Aviles S.C.
Andrew Moore exp
Paul Morgan Paul Morgan Visuals Inc.
Michele Morkos LightMM
Rick Morrison Citelum
Brian Mosbacher Bliss Fasman Inc.
Momoko Muraoka Lighting Planners Associates Inc.
Haruhiko Muraoka Haruhiko Muraoka Design Office
Chiaki Murazumi Spangle
Anusha Muthusubramanian Integrated Lighting Design
Michael Myer Battelle Pacific NW National Lab
Emily Myers Rushing
Shiho Nagamachi LEM Design Studio Co. Ltd.
Kazuhiro Nagashima CHIPS LLC.
Emiko Nagata Lighting Planners Associates Inc.
Tsutomu Nagatsu Phenomenon Lighting Design Office
Tatsuoki Nakajima Nakajima Tatsuoki Lighting Design Laboratory
Taro Nakatani Cypher
VARMA NAMBURI Lighting Design Alliance
Lana Nathe Light Insight Design Studio
Eric Naughton Electrical Logic Architectural Lighting Design
Garrett Neal Ron Neal Lighting Design
Douglas Nelsen Leo A Daly
Jennifer Newman Pivotal Lighting Design
Rachael Nicholls Point of View Design
Virva Nilson Virvatuli Lighting Design
Michael Noon Palindrome Design Associates
Tia Nord Beaudin Ganze Consulting Eng.
Hisae Nozawa Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc.
Ken Okamoto
Izumi Okayasu Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Office
Scott Oldner Scott Oldner Lighting Design LLC
Maja Olivares-Co Sonia Santiago-Olivares & Associates
Monica Olmos Laureanti Stantec Consulting
J. Osborn Loop Lighting Design & Consulting
Susan Oster LIT, Inc.
Yaeko Otsuka Lighting Planners Associates
Yakeko Otsuka Lighting Planners Associates
Masato Oyoshi LIGHTDESIGN Inc.
Alex Pappas Kalber Tillett Lighting Design
Greg Parthemer PAE Consulting Engineers
Lisa Passamonte Green Visual Terrain
David Patton David Wilds Patton Lighting Design
Scott Payne
Kyle Pearson KGP Design
Kristin Peck PritchardPeck Lighting
Marian Perez Karpinski Engineering
Kathryn Peterson exp
Michael Phillips INTRON Consulting Engineers
Kristin Pickar-Knussmann Lighting Design Alliance
Laura Prestwood Thompson Archillume Lighting Design Inc.
Jesse Prince NBBJ Studio 9 Lighting Design
Yeo Puay Hian Lyte-Art Design (Asia)
Christina Raschko MW Consulting Engineer / Escent Lighting Design
Lynn Redding
Lisa Reed Envision Lighting Design
Ken Reynar Light Solutions
Margot Richards Margot Richards Lighting Consultant, Inc.
Scott Richardson Light Defines Form Inc
Monte Riggs 90 West Studio
Patricia Rizzo Lighting Research Center
David Rodstein Rodstein Design
Laura Roman Romansel International Inc.
Mirjam Roos Steensen Varming
Lori Roper Enlighten
Aleksandar Rublek Studio Rublek
Tom Ruzika The Ruzika Company
Astha Saini Syska Hennessy Group, San Diego CA
Rosana Saleme Electrolight
Elisa Sbrogio The Flaming Beacon
Miho Schoettker Akali Lighting Design
Sara Schonour CannonDesign
Michael Schrupp exp
Mark Schuyler Mark Schuyler Lighting Design
Leni Schwendinger Arup
Christine Sciulli Christine Sciulli Light & Design
Angela Scott Aurecon Singapore (Pte.) Ltd.
Sachiko Segawa Lighting Planners Associates Inc.
Nivedita Sehrawat Design Matrix
Rosemary Seiwald RJS Electrical Design, LLC
Heather Seniow Seniow Lighting/Gottesman Assoc.
Kuan Ting Shern Tan Lighting & Space Design Consultant
Christine Sicangco Christine Sicangco Lighting Design, Inc.
Samuel Simkins Prism Tech Designs Estate Interiors
Harmeet Singh Design Matrix
Neha Sivaprasad Independent Lighting Consultant
Alkestie Skarlatou GIAEquation
Kimberly Smith Jacobs Engineering Group
Meghan Smith Gabler-Youngston
Miyoung Song Fisher Marantz Stone, Inc.
Rochelle Spahn The Lighting Practice
Melissa Sparks CD+M Lighting Design Group
Harry Spring Wank Adams Slavin Associates
Kate St. Laurent Cannon Design
Marsha Stern Marsha Stern Lighting Design & Consulting, Inc.(MSLDC, Inc.)
Chrysanthi Stockwell Hammel, Green and Abrahamson
Francesca Storaro Francesca Storaro Studio
Megan Strawn Coruscate Lighting Consulting
Erica Stubbs Lang Lighting Design, Inc.
Laura Sudbrock Gabriel Mackinnon
Erin Sudderth BANKS|RAMOS Architectural Lighting Design
Chiine Sugawara filament
Frank Sullivan Kiewit Building Group
Bernie Tan-Hayes Point of View
Keigo Tanaka Lightmoment Inc.
Yumiko Tanaka
Michiru Tanaka
Kentaro Tanaka Lighting Planners Associates Inc.
Alice Tang
Kazumi Tanimura Atelier Lumiere
John Tappenden Tappenden Lighting
Shigeki Tarumi Raydesign, Inc.
Kimberly Taylor NBBJ
Jared Theiss JS Nolan + Associates Lighting Design, LLC
Chester Thompson JS Nolan + Associates Lighting Design, LLC
Susan Thorn Susan Thorn Interiors, Inc.
Simon Thorp LAPD Consultants Ltd
Brandon Thrasher Impact Illumination
Linnaea Tillett Linnaea Tillett Lighting Design Inc.
Christopher Tilton Westlake Reed Leskosky
Yasuyuki Tomita Tomita Lighting Design Office Inc
Hiromi Tomiya Lightscape Design Office Inc.
Hirohito Totsune Sirius Lighting Office Inc
Alexandre Tougas LightFactor
Hiroto Toyoda Speirs & Major
Thanh Tran ASA Studios Lighting Design
Robert Truax Truax Design Group Inc
Tad Trylski Independent Lighting Designer
Marissa Tucci
Darryl Tucker Helicon Hall Design Associates Inc.
Satoshi Uchihara Uchihara Creative Lighting Design Inc
Haruka Uchino
Natsuko Ueda Nipek
Monica Urban Urban Designs, Inc.
Thomas VanArkel Tom VanArkel Lighting Design
Julia Vandergraaf Lightbrigade Architectural Lighting Design
Mario Vasconcelos Lighteam, Gustavo Aviles S.C.
Ivan Vasilev Lighting Design Project
Kenneth Ventry Reveal Design Group, LLC
Joe Vose Light Bureau
Mayumi Watanuki Uchihara Creative Lighting Des
Daniel Weissman Lam Partners
Sherry Weller Weller Design Architectural Lighting
Michael White Schuler Shook
Alison White SMP Engineering – Lighting Division
Tara White
Bonny Whitehouse Whitehouse Lighting Design, LLC
Margo Wiltshire Fisher Marantz Stone Inc
Stephanie Wood Dark Light Design
Stephen Wright Light Well Design
Heather Wright Holland Lighting Design
Angela Xanders DNV GL
Hiroki Yagi Uchihara Creative Lighting Design Inc
Joy Yamada ME Engineers
Mikine Yamamoto Lighting Planners Associates Inc.
Yuko Yamashita Y2 Lighting Design Inc.
Motoyo Yano Lighting Planners Associates
Sayre Yates Luminart Lighting Design
Izumi Yayoshi Izumi Yayoshi Lighting Design Co. Ltd
YiFoong Yeo Shenzhen Eastern Lighting Design
Yoshiko Yoshimura Lim Lighting Design
Hiroyasu Yoshino akari+DESIGN Associates
Steven Young Visual Terrain Inc
Dave Young Stantec
Reynaldo Zabala RZ Lighting Design
Sabra Zacharias Auerbach Glasow French
Amy Zeboor WPF Engineering
Matthew Zelkowitz Available Light, Inc.
Paula Ziegenbein Hartranft Lighting Design

Notable Lighting Designers List:

List of notable Lighting designers:
Kevin Adams
Christopher Akerlind
Peter Barnes (lighting designer)
Brian Sidney Bembridge
Ken Billington
Howell Binkley
Marc Brickman
Filippo Cannata
Hervé Descottes
Johnny Dodd
Kevin Dreyer
Peter Morse
Peggy Eisenhauer
Beverly Emmons
Jules Fisher
Paul Gregory
David Hersey
Gilbert Vaughn Hemsley, Jr.
James Highgate
Donald Holder
Mark Howett
James F. Ingalls
Shiu-Kay Kan
Natasha Katz
Chris Kuroda
Luc Lafortune
Brian MacDevitt
Stanley McCandless
Tharon Musser
Billy Name
Sergio Orozco
Chris Parry
Kenneth Posner
Tapas Sen (1924 – 2006)
George Sexton
Jonathan Smeeton
Clifton Taylor
Jennifer Tipton
Rogier van der Heide
Scott Warner
Lee Watson
Robert Wierzel
Gil Wechsler
Cosmo Wilson
Maurizio Rossi
Paul Gallo
Aloysious Desousa
Shakira Villa Symes
Vadim Sedykh
UK designers[edit]
Andrew Bridge
Paule Constable
Mark Henderson
Hugh Vanstone
Ed Warren
Patrick Woodroffe
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