There are lots of debates about lighting design blongs to Architectures or Electrical Engineers. However, it is not of our business  to discuss this issue. The aim of this post is to meet you with the Institudes / Universities for proffesional lighting design. Although, there are all kind of educational institudes, we shared a few important “LIGHTING DESIGN UNIVERSITIES” given below. Hope you to enjoy the post!

Aalborg University

The Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University

Prof. Dr. Michael Mullins:

The Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University is delighted to accept the invitation to be a partner of PLDC 2013 that will be held in C openhagen in 2013. The initiative supports the dissemination of research and education and enhances
the application of knowledge among professional lighting designers, consulting engineers, designers and architects who work innovatively with daylight and artificial light in the design of buildings, urban space, landscape and lighting fixtures, as well as in media production, experience design and events.

Aarhus University

Lighting Design Research Laboratory and the Department and School of  Engineering at Aarhus University

Prof. Werner Osterhaus:
PLD-C has over the last years evolved into an important meeting place for innovative players from all areas of the lighting design profession and closely associated disciplines. As a truly international lighting event, it combines state-of-the-art lighting design
practice with advanced lighting research, lighting education, and exciting new ideas from emerging talents. Aarhus University, represented by its Lighting  Design Research Laboratory, as well as the Department and School of Engineering, gladly accepts the invitation to support PLD-C 2013 as a partner university. Having attended PLD-C before, I personally look forward to another great convention. With PLD-C
2013 almost on our doorstep, it is our plan to attend with many of our students in order to introduce them  to the wide world of lighting design research and practice.

Buskerud University College

Buskerud University College

Are Røysamb:

This time, light is coming home to the Nordic countries, so even more reason for us to participate in what is now an established and  eoccurring event in our academic calendar. Students and staff are all encouraged to participate. We now wait in anticipation and hope to be inspired once more, in order to further develop New Nordic Lighting Design.


Deutsches Institut für angewandte Lichttechnik, Lüdenscheid

Kerstin Niedernüvemann:

“Our passion is creating worlds for living and working in, with special attention to lighting. This is why we at DIAL are involved in lighting design, developing the DIALux and LUMsearch software tools, which make it easier for planners to plan light, and sharing our knowledge with other planners in our pract ice-oriented workshops within the DIALacademy. We are glad thatthe PLDC is pursuing the same aims by providing a platform for the exchange of ideas among professional lighting designers and are therefore particularly pleased to be active as a partner institute.”

Donau University Krems

The Department for Building and Environment at Donau University Krems

Dr. Peter Holzer:
“Life is literally driven by light. The quality of light, especially a sufficient supply of daylight, is a substantial factor when it comes to human health and well-being, not least in our present-day urban societies, where we spend more than 90 per cent of our time indoors. The Department for Building and Environment at Danube University Krems focuses on research, consulting and professional training in the
field of architectural lighting design. The Institute’s prime competences lie in the field of daylight and
health. The school disposes over a wide range of software and hardware tools, including an outstanding
artificial sky. A three-week intensive course that takes place every year in March teaches professionals
comprehensive skills in lighting design.PLDC offers an excellent platform for discussing
improvements in the integration of light in our built environments, presenting new developments and best practice examples, and last but not least fostering contacts with potentia partners and clients. It is our honour and pleasure to be part of this important event.”

Edinburgh University

The School of Creative Industries at Edinburgh Napier University

Malcolm Innes:

“The School of C reative Industries at Edinburgh Napier University is very pleased to support the aims and activities of PLDC and to become a Partner University of PLDC 2013. PLDC is now firmly established as the pre-eminent forum for the presentation and dissemination of some of the best current thinking about architectural lighting design. Although a higher education institution, we have a strong interest in life long professional learning, and the wealth of highquality papers and posters presented at PLDC is valuable beyond measure to all levels of lighting practitioners. The event encompasses a perfect mix of presentations for students, early career professionals, practice principals and researchers. The incredible depth of knowledge across the whole gamut of the conference is one of the main reasons that we see PLDC as a must attend conference, both for our MDes  and MA Lighting Design students, and for all lighting professionals.”

The EHI Retail Institute

The EHI Retail Institute

C laudia Horbert:

“The EHI Retail Institute, a leading research institute focussing on Store Design and conceptual partner of the EuroShop fair, is delighted to become a Partner Institute of PLDC and support a lighting design event of this calibre.”

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft Hildesheim

Paul Schmits:

“Right from its start in London 2007 the PLDC was a unique and truly international forum for the lighting design community defining the state of the art technology and approach. Above and beyond that, it has always been a meeting point for young professionals and students. The lighting design department within the Faculty of design at the University of Applied Science and Art HAWK Hildesheim is pleased and grateful for the opportunity of being a partner of the PLDC 2013 in C openhagen: A good occasion for the staff to update
their knowledge and an ideal place for learning and networking for our students.”

King Mongkut’s University of Technology

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

Dr. C hokeanand Bussracumpakorn:

“King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) is pleased to accept the invitation to become an official Partner University of PLDC 2013. We are glad to promote PLDC 2013 among peers and colleagues in the lighting society here in Thailand and the region. This is a great opportunity for us to participate in the PLDC event as well as to promote our university to lighting professionals at an international level.”

KTH School of Technology & Health, Stockholm

KTH School of Technology & Health, Stockholm

Federico Favero:
“The Lighting Laboratory at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, has supported PLD-C since its start in 2007. Our students will enjoy the energy and the breadth of the conference and the excellent networking opportunities; this event is a great opportunity to meet old friends and make new connections in the growing lighting design family. We are looking forward to experiencing the future of lighting design unveil in Copenhagen!”

Lichtforum NRW

Lichtforum NRW

Dennis Köhler:

“Lichtforum NRW is a neutral, independent institute currently being established as a joint venture by companies from the lighting industry and public institutions. The objectives of “Lichtforum NRW” is to promote and develop innovative lighting technologies, lighting design and
lighting research in both indoor and outdoor lighting. In 2013, Lichtforum NRW will begin with an initial training programme for members from the lighting industry, followed by other seminars, services and collaborative research and development projects. Our services are designed for businesses, communities and associations as well as professional individuals from light-related fields of engineering, planning and project realisation – or those in the process of becoming a professional. Given that PLDC is an important nucleus for the overall
lighting community, where lighting professionals can meet colleagues and peers, make new contacts and partners, gain insight into the latest developments in lighting design, and share ideas and thoughts with fellow professionals, it is an absolute must to attend.”

The Lighting Education Institute



The Lighting Education Institute

Dr. C raig Bernecker:

“The Lighting Education Institute is proud to partner with PLDC 2013 in C openhagen. In just its fourth offering, PLDC has become one of the most important and largest lighting conference-focused events in the world. With over 1200 attendees in Madrid in 2011, it
was impressive to have the tremendous opportunity to network with so many in the lighting profession, but even more so the educational opportunity afforded by the overwhelming number of presentations. PLDC 2013 projects to be even larger, and with more than 70 presentations over the three days, another significant venue for learning about and discussing cutting edge issues in lighting design. I strongly encourage anyone involved in lighting to take full advantage of this opportunity by participating in PLDC 2013.”

Lighting Research Center

Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy

Mark S. Rea:

“The Lighting Research C enter (LRC ) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is pleased to accept the invitation to support the Professional Lighting Design C onvention (PLDC ) as a Partner. PLDC is an intellectual and creative nucleus for world experts in lighting to come
together and help shape the future of lighting. The LRC celebrated its 25th anniversary this year with a special event that attracted more than 175 guests from around the world. The purpose of the event was not just to celebrate the past 25 years, but to discuss the future
of lighting, in particular, the value of light and the notion that society undervalues light, largely because current metrics are not an accurate measure of light’s value. The benefits of light extend well above and beyond lumens per watt, such as, for example, light’s effect on sleep, alertness, and productivity. LRC researchers are proposing new metrics to measure the value of light, and look forward to extending this vital conversation at PLDC this year.”

Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture

Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture

Markus Reisinger:

“The Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture recently established a research centre for Interior Architecture with an interdisciplinary focus on design, psychology, and technologies. Research is carried out in all areas on spatial qualities, which includes the topic of lighting. For this reason the School is happy to be represented and to serve as a Partner for PLDC , which enables and stimulates the exchange of knowledge between lighting professionals worldwide.”

Masterdia University Madrid

Masterdia University Madrid

Ignacio Valero:
“We are glad to support PLDC as the main professional meeting for the lighting community. For our students it is a unique chance to understand how wide and how deep the professional world is. For our teaching staff it is essential for keeping up to date with where the
boundaries of the discipline are right now in different areas. And for anyone involved in lighting it is an irreplaceable opportunity to learn, share, network, meet old friends and make new ones. See you in C openhagen!”


New York School of Interior Design

New York School of Interior Design

C harles C ameron:

“The PLDC is one of the great gatherings of the lighting profession and the New York School of Interior Design is proud to be a partner university. We look forward to seeing what new ideas and research come from the Conference as well insights from the discussions of the
best practices in educating current and future lighting design professionals.”


Norwegian University of Science & Technolgy

Norwegian University of Science & Technolgy, Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts

Barbara Matusiak:

“The Norwegian University of Science & Technology supports PLDC , because we believe it will give our students a lot of inspiration, an exceptional possibility for knowledge harvesting and an unforgettable experience.”

Parsons The New School for Design, New York

Parsons The New School for Design, New York

Derek Porter:

“PLDC brings together the world’s top design practitioners, research scientists and academic scholars who are sure to give thoughtful, critical and insightful presentations on pertinent topics current in the lighting industry. PLDC ’s track record has proven these  presentations to be some of the most revealing and noteworthy to the profession.”


Penn State Architectural Engineering

Prof. Kevin W. Houser:

“Past conventions were excellent opportunities to meet with and learn from others with common passions for applied lighting. I’ve been impressed by the professionalism and engagement of the lighting community that makes PLDC an event that should not be missed. Penn State Architectural Engineering is delighted to be a partner for PLDC 2013.”


Rose Bruford College in London

Hansjörg Schmidt:

“Rose Bruford C ollege in London is proud to continue its long-standing affiliation with PLDC . PLDC is a unique event, and its annual platform for original and distinct voices from the theory and practice of lighting design is a very valuable resource for both our students and


Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Marta Elena C ampos Newman:

“The Faculty of Architecture at the National University of Mexico (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – UNAM) started teaching Architectural Lighting Design and awarding diplomas for completed courses in 2004. The prime goal is to combine theoretical and practical knowledge to enable students to acquire the tools for designing light in architectural spaces. UNAM views PLDC as an international platform for dialogue and the exchange of ideas among lighting architects, industry, educators and students in the field of professional lighting design.”


Università IUAV di Venezia

“The University IUAV of Venice has always placed emphasis on project-based learning. It is the only university in Italy entirely devoted to teaching the planning and design of everything related to the spaces and environments in which we live: buildings, cities and landscapes; objects of daily use and graphics; cultural, theatrical and multimedia events. PLDC 2013 is an important enrichment for lighting
professionals and students, since it involves some of the highest profiles in the lighting community. IUAV is pleased to accept the invitation to become Partner University and promote its educational offer in the culture of lighting design.”


Department of Building Design and Technology at Technical University Darmstadt

Prof. Harald Hofmann:
“The TU Darmstadt is proud to be partner of PLDC 2013 in C openhagen. At the Faculty of Architecture, Dept. of Building Design and Technology, a one-week workshop on “Architectural Lighting Design” is offered every semester by the study group “Licht” as part of
the Master’s programme. The workshop conveys basic knowledge on daylight design as well as artificial lighting design for indoor and outdoor environments. Special attention is paid to design aspects that affect vision and perception in architectural spaces. This is
further deepened by design exercises and a complete lighting design project. C onsequently, the PLDC in C openhagen is a perfect complement to this curriculum and provides students of architecture at the TU Darmstadt with excellent insight into the rapidly expanding world of architectural lighting.”


University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund

Dennis Köhler:
“PLDC is an important element when it comes to qualifying lighting design and promoting the establishment of the profession. At the first event, back in 2007 in London, it was already clear that this international forum is highly relevant for anyone who wants to be actively involved in developing the field of action in lighting design. Each of the conventions to date has offered an exciting programme, addressing
the many different areas of interest of attendees from around the globe – embedded in an appropriate and well-balanced supporting programme. The University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund – and in particular the “Light_Space” research unit – is delighted to be partner of the fourth edition PLDC , this time in C openhagen.”


University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf


University of Applied Sciences in Kaiserlautern

Prof. Stefan Hofmann:

“PLDC provides a platform and ample opportunities for us all to contribute towards a common future. This is a challenge and a must. And Education is a key factor in the entire process.”


University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim

Prof. Mathias Wambsganss:
“Being part of the 2011 PLD convention in Madrid was an amazing experience for the students of the University of Applied Sciences  Rosenheim and myself. So it is with great pleasure that we again accept the invitation to become a Partner University for the upcoming event in C openhagen 2013. We are determined to organize a study trip to C openhagen to be part of the convention with another group of young and enthusiastic lighting students. Many thanks to the Steering C ommittee for the work which has been done till now. And good luck for the rest of the organisation which needs to be done before we meet again in Denmark.”


University of Idaho

Bruce Haglund:

“We are delighted to be a Partner University of PLDC 2013. As an attendee of PLDC 2011 in Madrid I was impressed by the quality of the convention from keynote speakers to technical sessions, to vendors, to opportunities for networking with professionals and educators. I found the global diversity of the attendees to be exceptional and the venue to be stimulating! I’m planning to attend PLDC 2013 and bring along a few students who will greatly benefit from the content and exposure to lighting professionals, be they practitioners or educators. As an academic I was especially gratified by the serious consideration given to education and research at PLDC 2011. Well done!”

University of South Wales

Stuart Green:

“The University of South Wales is proud to be invited for the third time to be a partner of PLDC . PLDC enables those whose reputations have been established and others who are just starting out to network together and share ideas in a warm and friendly environment”.

Illumination Design program at the University of Sydney

Dr. Wendy Davis:
“On behalf of the Illumination Design program at the University of Sydney, I’m thrilled to be joining colleagues from around the world in C openhagen at PLDC 2013. This convention will be an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and pool knowledge on the many exciting innovations arising in our field. Events, like this, that bring together designers, researchers, and industry, and will play a key role in sculpting the future of this evolving discipline.”


University of Wismar

Prof. Michael Rohde:

“When it comes to education and networking, PLDC is a must! That is why University of Wismar has been a Partner University from the start – 2013 will be the fourth time. In 2013 students will be offered the opportunity to earn EC TS credits for out-of-college assignments at PLDC .”


The Faculty of Architecture, at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Prof. Dr. Martynas Valevicius:

“The Faculty of Architecture, at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University is delighted to accept the invitation to be a partner of PLDC 2013 that will be held in C openhagen in 2013. This convention will be excellent opportunity to share knowledge with architects, professional lighting designers, educators and consulting engineers who work innovatively with light.”



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