Fundamentals of LED and Lighting Basics

fundamentals of LED and Lighting Basics

A few days ago, some visitors asked me to write a post for lighting fundamentals or LED basics. As always I said in market that is too complicated to find a right source about this important topic if you are new in lighting market. However, there are plenty of good sources in the market likewise ledsmagazine, electronics sourcing online, eeweb, ledinside… most of them are advance. As new talents it may not be help you. Due this reason I take care our visitors question and started to prepare a pretty new post about Fundamentals of LED and Lighting Basics. 

So, lets check them out.

Schorsch is quality website that includes detailed informations about lighting software, lighting glossary, organisations, directories, lighting resources, simulation resources, online converter for luminaire data files and many others. I suggest you to visit Schorsch’s quality glossary.

If you are trying to reach informations about lighting basics, lighting technology description, lighting controls, lighting design concepts, lighting management, lighting environmental issues, fixture search, lighting guides, magazines, researchs, standarts, associations, education, trade shows and more Lightsearch is definetely your site.

Lighting Research Center (LRC)
LRC is much more research site for those who are deal with. In site, you can find the details of Lighting Journals and Magazines, Lighting Technical Reports, Lighting Market Information, Light and Health, Color and Vision, Ergonomics and Human Factors, Neuroscience, Optics, Transportation and Safety, Technology and Electronics, Architecture and Design.

In you can reach a detailed informations about application directory, light & vision, lighting performance & human health, optical radiation, resources and bibliography, visual systems, daylighting, lighting controls, sources & auxiliaries, luminaires & distributions, design considerations.

This is the best link you will ever had to understand LED Basics, LED System Introductions, How to Read a Datasheet, Thermal Characteristics of LEDs, Basics of Heat Transfer, Internal Thermal Resistance of LEDs, External Thermal Resistance of LEDs, Mesopic Vision, Optical Principles, Optical Principles, Colorimetry, Primary/Secondary Optics and Measurements, Optical and Lighting Software, Electrical Characteristics of LEDs, Driving LEDs – Resistors and Linear Drivers, Driving LEDs – Switch Mode Drivers, Driving LEDs – AC-DC Power Supplies.

If you look-up for lighting products, catalogs, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, green lighting, ballast & transformers, controls, lamps & LEDs, Emergency Kits, apps and blogs this site is just for you.

The site is a nice source for stage lighting fundamentals. Site includes Stage Lighting Basics, Basic Theories, Libraries, Discussions, Color Theory, Electricity, Electrical Math, Truss Handling, DMX 101…etc.

Lastly, If you stuck on fundamentals of stage lighting than you need to visit Stage Lighting for Students.

Well, I hope this post will answer your Q’s in fundamentals of LED and fundamentals of lighting.



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