Free Lighting and Architectural Design software developed by Dial for professional light planning is open to luminaires of all manufacturers.  Used by many of light planners and designers worldwide. And their number of usage is growing from day to day.

There are two softwares products they pushed in market. They are Dialux EVO and Dialux 4 lighting and design software. Both products have special capabilities each other.  Document your results in breath-taking, photorealistic visualizations. Delight your customers with daylight and artificial light scenarios through which they can glide with wild camera runs. Rely on the CAD data of other architecture programmes and re-export your files easily. You can also use 3D files downloaded internet and import it into your workpage.

dialux 2

Both version of Dialux are very useful softwares for architetural lighting design.But if we discussed about architectural lighting design  Dialux EVO is one step forward with its succesful rendering and ease of use to desing. There are also variety of languages for selection both for system language and output language. You can find the benefits below.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Simple, effective and professional light planning
  • Latest luminaire data of the world’s leading manufacturers
  • Latest state of the art software always available free of charge
  • Energy evaluation at the drop of a hat
  • Coloured light scenes with LED or other colour changing luminaires
  • Planing whole buildings including outdoors spaces

dialux 5

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