Automation Systems in Lighting take important BMS (Building Management System). However, controlling the light is an old issue for lighting and updated according to technological development. There are hundreds of brands on lighting market. Many of them are manufacturer in Lighting Industry and afford to make our life easier. Last years, you will be heard that connected lighting technologies will take a huge part on lighting industry.

Main control systems on lighting are usually for indoor applications. Less of them are designed for use in outdoor applications. On the other hand, in many moments we waste our time out. Some days a few of hours and some days a whole day we spend our time outdoor. Driving car, jogging, cycling, walking…etc. It is obvious that we need lighting to be able to continue a comfy life. It is usually not only for comfy lifestyle, but also security issues.

Last years, we heard about connected lighting, smart cities… What does “Smart City” exactly mean? Stop worrying about how make it possible, just try to imagine that a system that can control or optimize every single luminaire in street, parks and gardens, highways and so on. Moreover, what if it is possible to see them at map like google maps format with their exact points in the street. PHILIPS made it possible for us and called “City Touch”. City Touch is a Road Lighting automation system. There are two version of it called ” City Touch Light Point” and “City Touch Light Wave”.

Light Point is a specialized asset management software solution for your street lighting. It creates transparency across your lighting data and enables you to efficiently manage maintenance workflows. Intelligent management means: simplicity, transparency and efficiency.

city touch 3

City Touch Light Wave provides to add dynamics, intelligence and flexibility to your lighting. Every light point can be controlled individually with remote management system. Light Wave can also create safety and well being with an optimized energy consumption.

city touch 4


General working principle of system is every single luminaire will communicate directly with software by wireless network. There is no panel in the field, no extra data cables, no RF communication protocol but the simple and transparant plug and play wireless network system. Every single luminaire can directly communicate with network. You can manage, optimize, control whole luminaires in the field in seconds. The main motto of these systems is “If you can’t control it, you can’t manage it”. In the near future, we will faced with applications of  user friendly software systems in road lighting also for other lighting application fields. Technologies will be more smarter, so people, so on cities….


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