Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Uljanik Cranes, Croatia

Uljanik Cranes, Croatia Built in 1856, Pula’s Uljanik shipyard is one of the oldest still in operation today. The City of Pula was undergoing a tourist-attracting...

Miami Tower

 Miami Tower With its new Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting system, Miami Tower building owners will save almost $260,000 annually in energy, maintenance, and operating...
heritage lighting in Turkey


Today, our topic is about one of the important project which is Tunca Bridge (Ottoman Bridge in Edirne). There is a special reason of...


Automation Systems in Lighting take important BMS (Building Management System). However, controlling the light is an old issue for lighting and updated according to...
list of lighting instrument

List of Lighting Instrument Manufacturers

As you know, there are many manufacturers worldwide in the lighting market. Although they have created many useful things like luminaires, gears, reflectors, optics...

Flame Towers

http://youtu.be/7ourEyrXDrg?list=PLZCgwe6ebLbuH8beSKBJSJqvUXQqzH5Iq Flame Towers | Baku, Azerbaijan
lighting software

Lighting Software Manufacturers and Firms

We know that there are many architectural softwares in the market and one of them is Autocad. There are also; sketchup by Trimble, Revit Architecture,...
Lighting Research Institution List

Research Institution List For Lighting Market

Dozen of years, scientist have found various inventions and today in almost every area with the help of high technology developments are continuing. Todays...

IESNYC: 2016 Lumen Awards and Projects

IESNYC: 2016 Lumen Awards  IESNYC's New York City Department announced the winners of the 2016 Lumen Awards at the 48th annual Lumen Gala at Chelsea...


Lighting Designers