Monday, February 19, 2018
creating a cornice in DIALux

DIALux Tutorial 4: Creating a cornice in DIALux

In this DIALux tutorial you will learn about creating a cornice in DIALux in the following commands. 1-   Importing and managing a cad file. 2-   Using...
creating a cornice in DIALux

DIALux Tutorial 3 Creating different RGB Color Changing Scenes

DIALux Tutorial 3 Creating different RGB Color Changing Scenes This third tutorial explains the following: 1. Creating control group 2. Creating light Scenes 3. Put the right value...
DIALux evo 7

Release DIALux evo 7: IFC import and more efficient workflows

From DIAL. DIALux evo 7 offers many new and modified functions to architects, lighting designers and engineers. As well as supporting BIM with IFC...
lighting software

Lighting Software Manufacturers and Firms

We know that there are many architectural softwares in the market and one of them is Autocad. There are also; sketchup by Trimble, Revit Architecture,...
list of lighting instrument

List of Lighting Instrument Manufacturers

As you know, there are many manufacturers worldwide in the lighting market. Although they have created many useful things like luminaires, gears, reflectors, optics...
creating a cornice in DIALux

Dialux: Useful links to download 3ds files and texture to DIALux

Here are some useful links for Dialux that are useful to get some 3ds files and convert it to m3d files (m3d is a...
apps for lighting market

User Friendly Lighting Apps

We all use apps in our daily life which share different resources with us. We use them to search for items, cars, technology ...etc or...


Free Lighting and Architectural Design software developed by Dial for professional light planning is open to luminaires of all manufacturers.
creating a cornice in DIALux

Dialux Tutorial 2: How to Make an Offset and Spacing for Objects and Luminaries

This DIALux Tutorial explains how to: Use the help line and help grid Copy along a help line Copy along a line Insert a...


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