Thursday, November 30, 2017
creating a cornice in DIALux

DIALux Tutorial 1: How To Create a Cove For Cove Lighting in DIALux

DIALux Tutorial 1: How to create a cove for cove lighting in DIALux This DIALux Tutorial not only to explain how to make a cove...
Professional Lighting Designer

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Lighting Designer

When it comes to lighting design, a professional lighting designer can bring a lot to the table. Let’s face it, most of us don’t...
architectural lighting design

Matters Needing Attention In Architectural Lighting Design

Article Source:Shenzhen Suoshi Lighting Design Firm Co.,Ltd. In the modern architectural decoration, not only pay attention to the indoor space elements, more attention to the...
lighting software

Lighting Software Manufacturers and Firms

We know that there are many architectural softwares in the market and one of them is Autocad. There are also; sketchup by Trimble, Revit Architecture,...
list of lighting instrument

List of Lighting Instrument Manufacturers

As you know, there are many manufacturers worldwide in the lighting market. Although they have created many useful things like luminaires, gears, reflectors, optics...
lighting design for daylighting


DAYLIGHTING PROCESS OF DESIGNING BUILDINGS Daylighting is the complete process of designing buildings to utilize natural light to its fullest. It includes all of the activities...
fundamentals of daylighting


Increasing energy costs and concern about global warming, there is considerable interest in using daylight as the major light source in buildings. Unfortunately, there is...
lifetime of leds

Technical Brief of Lumen Maintenance and Useful Life for LEDs

What is Useful Life? Life testing methods for conventional light sources incandescents, fluorescents, high-intensity discharge lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, and so on — are well established and...
apps for lighting market

User Friendly Lighting Apps

We all use apps in our daily life which share different resources with us. We use them to search for items, cars, technology ...etc or...


Lighting Designers