Friday, October 20, 2017

Milestones of Illumination

Milestones of Illumination Early Man c 500,000 BC Invention of Fire, Flame, Torch c 400,000 Primitive Lamps c 13,000 Animal Lamps c 5,000 Early...
creating a cornice in DIALux

DIALux Tutorial 1: How To Create a Cove For Cove Lighting in DIALux

DIALux Tutorial 1: How to create a cove for cove lighting in DIALux This DIALux Tutorial not only to explain how to make a cove...
Lighting Terms and Glossary


Lighting is a necessity not a luxury. We need natural and artificial light in every part of our life. To understand light and lighting...


WHAT IS LIGHT Light is an electromagnetic radiation that eyes can capture. Moreover, light has a specific spread velocity, frequency and a wavelength. The electromagnetic...
fundamentals of daylighting


Increasing energy costs and concern about global warming, there is considerable interest in using daylight as the major light source in buildings. Unfortunately, there is...
creating a cornice in DIALux

DIALux Tutorial 3 Creating different RGB Color Changing Scenes

DIALux Tutorial 3 Creating different RGB Color Changing Scenes This third tutorial explains the following: 1. Creating control group 2. Creating light Scenes 3. Put the right value...
lifetime of leds

Technical Brief of Lumen Maintenance and Useful Life for LEDs

What is Useful Life? Life testing methods for conventional light sources incandescents, fluorescents, high-intensity discharge lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, and so on — are well established and...
lighting design for daylighting


DAYLIGHTING PROCESS OF DESIGNING BUILDINGS Daylighting is the complete process of designing buildings to utilize natural light to its fullest. It includes all of the activities...
creating a cornice in DIALux

DIALux Tutorial 4: Creating a cornice in DIALux

In this DIALux tutorial you will learn about creating a cornice in DIALux in the following commands. 1-   Importing and managing a cad file. 2-   Using...


Lighting Designers