Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Lighting Research Institution List

Research Institution List For Lighting Market

Dozen of years, scientist have found various inventions and today in almost every area with the help of high technology developments are continuing. Todays...
lighting software

Lighting Software Manufacturers and Firms

We know that there are many architectural softwares in the market and one of them is Autocad. There are also; sketchup by Trimble, Revit Architecture,...
list of lighting instrument

List of Lighting Instrument Manufacturers

As you know, there are many manufacturers worldwide in the lighting market. Although they have created many useful things like luminaires, gears, reflectors, optics...
government programs for lighting industry

Government Programs Related with Lighting Market

Lighting market is composed by many parts and governments are one of them. Governments have an important role on investing markets and creating new...
apps for lighting market

User Friendly Lighting Apps

We all use apps in our daily life which share different resources with us. We use them to search for items, cars, technology ...etc or...
publications of ies


IES PUBLICATIONS - IES101 When we talk about lighting, first think we will remember is the name of "IES". What is "IES" ? Here is the definition...
lighting designer list


What is Architectural Lighting Design? Lighting design is the art of designing our environment by light with the help of Architecture, Engineering, Science, Math, Physics...etc. It applies...
architectural design firms


What is Architectural Design? Design is the broad-based integration of art and engineering. The difference between architecture and Building is "design".  Life is a type...
lighting design software

Lighting Design Softwares List

Why we need Lighting Design Softwares? Lighting Design Software is one of the important thing in Lighting Application. Indoor and outdoor applications and approaching to...


Lighting Designers