Tuesday, November 21, 2017
lighting software

Lighting Software Manufacturers and Firms

We know that there are many architectural softwares in the market and one of them is Autocad. There are also; sketchup by Trimble, Revit Architecture,...
Lighting Design Books

Selection of 40+ Lighting Design Books – Part 2

A few days ago, list of 40 Lighting Design Books that are easily accountable online? I am sure that some of you already know that...
list of lighting instrument

List of Lighting Instrument Manufacturers

As you know, there are many manufacturers worldwide in the lighting market. Although they have created many useful things like luminaires, gears, reflectors, optics...


There are lots of debates about lighting design blongs to Architectures or Electrical Engineers. However, it is not of our business  to discuss this...
lighting design software

Lighting Design Softwares List

Why we need Lighting Design Softwares? Lighting Design Software is one of the important thing in Lighting Application. Indoor and outdoor applications and approaching to...
lighting educations

Online Training, Certification, Continuing Education

In previous post, we focust on putting an effort for lighting educations that are operated by governments, manufacturers and utilites. In this post, we...

Lighting Standards Institutions and Organizations

In our previous post, we have shared about research institutions with you. Due to demand of our followers, in todays article we will give information...
lighting trade shows in usa

Lighting Trade Shows in USA

The transformative power of innovation and imagination converge in a global presentation of light and technology—brilliantly revealed at Lighting Trade Shows. Where new discoveries,...
LEDinside's Silver Member Report 4Q16 - 2017

Publication: LEDinside’s Silver Member Report 4Q16 – 2017

LEDinside's Silver Member Report 4Q16 - 2017 details are given below. This post can be understood as a bundle of our previous post of...


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