Thursday, November 30, 2017
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I am electrical engineer, lighting designer, innovator, editor, blogger and an entrepreneur. After, I graduaded from Engineering I started to my career. However, there are plenty of website about lighting and architecture, I was stuck on gathering information about lighting. Due that, I created Lumenhub and combine all datas that I gethered through years. Thx for your interests on my site and please don't forget to be social :) Moreover, If you really liked the works in Lumenhub, please don't forget to donate.
creating a cornice in DIALux

Dialux Tutorial 2: How to Make an Offset and Spacing for Objects and Luminaries

This DIALux Tutorial explains how to: Use the help line and help grid Copy along a help line Copy along a line Insert a...
creating a cornice in DIALux

DIALux Tutorial 1: How To Create a Cove For Cove Lighting in DIALux

DIALux Tutorial 1: How to create a cove for cove lighting in DIALux This DIALux Tutorial not only to explain how to make a cove...
UN Studio

UN Studio Brightens up Amsterdam Light Festival with Eye Beacon Pavilion LED Installations

From Arkilumi. Designed by Un Studio in partnership with MDT-tex, the Amsterdam Light Festival Info Booth Pavilion serves as both an attraction point and...
Lyon Light Festival

The ‘2016 Lyon Light Festival’, held in the second largest city of France

From Arkilumi. The lastest Lyon Light Festival, which is held regularly every year, hosts visitors on the days we passed. The festival was canceled...
Professional Certifications for Lighting

Professional Certifications for Lighting

Here are the list of Professional Certifications for Lighting: American Lighting Association [email protected] Organization: professional association, lighting certification Profile: A non-profit trade organization uniting lighting manufacturers, retail...
lighting educations

Online Training, Certification, Continuing Education

In previous post, we focust on putting an effort for lighting educations that are operated by governments, manufacturers and utilites. In this post, we...
Lighting Fixture Design Conference

Lux to Investigate UV at Lighting Fixture Design Conference

From luxreview. UV light can be used to prevent infection, something that could improve the health crisis in the Third World. A UV expert will...
Architectural Lighting Design

Architectural Lighting Design – The Mix of Art and Science

Properties of Light for Architectural Lighting Design Architectural Lighting Design is much like architecture itself; it is a mix of both art and science. While a creatie...
lighting education centers

Lighting Education Centers Operated by Manufacturers, Government and Utilities

According to our followers demand, we tried to collect data to inform you about the lighting education centers that are operated by manufacturers, government...