Thursday, November 30, 2017
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I am electrical engineer, lighting designer, innovator, editor, blogger and an entrepreneur. After, I graduaded from Engineering I started to my career. However, there are plenty of website about lighting and architecture, I was stuck on gathering information about lighting. Due that, I created Lumenhub and combine all datas that I gethered through years. Thx for your interests on my site and please don't forget to be social :) Moreover, If you really liked the works in Lumenhub, please don't forget to donate.


WHAT IS LIGHT Light is an electromagnetic radiation that eyes can capture. Moreover, light has a specific spread velocity, frequency and a wavelength. The electromagnetic...

Milestones of Illumination

Milestones of Illumination Early Man c 500,000 BC Invention of Fire, Flame, Torch c 400,000 Primitive Lamps c 13,000 Animal Lamps c 5,000 Early...

History of Light

History of Light There are many people researced on light or illumination through out the history. Sir Isaac Newton was the first of them who...