The ‘2016 Lyon Light Festival’, held in the second largest city of France

Lyon Light Festival

From Arkilumi. The lastest Lyon Light Festival, which is held regularly every year, hosts visitors on the days we passed. The festival was canceled previous year due to terror attacks in France. But the festival on December 8th was much more comprehensive and splendid than it was before to forget happens. The city of Lyon hosted visitors from December 8th to December 10th, was revived with the work of international designers from all over the world.

In fact, the origin of the festival has a very different background. In 1643, one of the most terrible diseases of the time, the danger of the plague was raging in Europe. Many European cities, like the Lyon city, have one’s share of this. The plague was spreading very quickly on Lyon due Rhône River where have an important role as the active trade center on the region over the years. In Lyon, one of the second largest cities in France, folk prayed to Virgin Mary day and night. December 8, was envisaged as the day for the effect of the disease was taken from France and Lyon where no one died. Since then, It was designated as a day of giving thanks and gratitude to Mary. In the following years, Lyon lighted up by candles, put by people in front of windows in this important night and pray. Today, city hosts an important festival about 3 million visitors annually with the help of technology. The festival consists of 4 days which cover weekends. The most active days of the festival are the last two days.

The festival organized this year has a separate importance. This was due to the cancellation of the festival in the previous year cause of terror attacks in France and the significant loss of revenue. Lyon Light Festival in December has lived the most creative year in order to make the visitors forget the sad history and to attract more visitors to Lyon.

Lyon Cultural Activities Director Jean François Zurawik answered the media questions: “We are living our most creative year so far. It’s a privilege to have streets that are completely safe in this regard. ”

Light artist Yann Nguema and his team EZ3kiel chose to exhibit his performances in Saint-Jean’s cathedral where didn’t have a stone on the stone.

One of the most spectacular light plays of the year was the ‘Incandescens’, which tells the story of light and fire. Performances were made in the amphitheater at the top of Fourviere.

Designer Simon Milleret Godet had the following explanations: “We prepared our performance with the Shadow Theater in mind. We wanted to be able to do the same with fire. We wrote a story with two characters and told about the fire which moves a girl to another world. ”

The light display named ‘Platonium’ arranged in the square where the city’s municipal building was located was also highly appreciated. The performers were Eric Michel and Akari Lisa Ishii.

Those who try to find their love at the Lyon Light Festival were not either forgotten. Couples who dare to put their hands on the heart, have the opportunity to listen songs that are most appropriate for their heartbeat.

This year, due to security measures, the festival serves visitors with less underground performances, but it has hosted the most comprehensive and creative work ever.

For more information on the festival in this sense, please visit the official page of the event.



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